Item No.: Z0008

Model: LED Socket night light
Operating Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
AC socket output: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum current: 5A
USB output: DC5V/1A
Material: ABS
Power: 5W

LED lamp control mode:
1. (1 Gear) Warm-light control (Warm 0.6W (0.2W*3))
2. (OFF Gear) OFF;
3. (2 Gear) White Light,Light Control(white light 0.6W (0.2W*3))
4. (3 Gear) Warm Light,Normally-on (Warm light 1.2 W (0.2 W*6))
LED lamp power:
1 Gear:Warm light: 0.6W (0.2W*3)
2 Gear:White light: 0.6W (0.2W*3)
3 Gear:Warm light: 1.2W(0.2W*6)
Product size: 114*75*50mm/4.49*2.95*1.97″



Multi-function socket night lamp, which can control by switch or light sensitivity.
Intelligent Induction Light: Automatic Light Induction Mode, Light Normally-on Mode, and Turn-off Mode.
Unique shape, front, and rear dual light source, headlight main source and backlight auxiliary source.
The product is suitable for both a night lamp and charging night lamp/USB/socket at the same time.


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