Item No.: Z0017

Item Type: 1M-100M EL Wire Wire
Diameter: approx 2.3mm
Wire length: 1M / 2M / 5M
Lifetime: >12,000 hours
Working temperature: – 10°C to 60°C
10 Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Fluorescent green, Light green, Ice blue

Controller Specifications:
1.USB Controller——5V
For 1ft -16.40ft EL Wire
With the USB Connector.
Powered by the computer USB connector,
Powered by the smartphone USB Power adapter or other kind power with USB connector.
Mode: Solid On
2. Normal DC 3V Controller Powered by AA Battery
Power by 2 AA Battery(Battery Not Included)
3 Mode: solid on/Fast Strobe/Slow Strobe
3. Car Cigarette Controller(DC 12V)
With Car Cigarette Output Connector.
Powered by the 12V Car cigarette Lighter output.
Mode: Solid On
4. DC12V Controller
For 1ft – 16.40 ft EL Wire
Mode: Solid On



EL wire is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor that glows a 360 degree unbroken light when an alternating current is applied to it.
It is bendable as a thin neon tube which makes it ideal for flexible decoration.
Light your life and have fun!
The cold light source, fine and uniform, bright colors, rich colors
Flexible and water-resistant, can be easily bent, curved, cut, knotted, available for indoor and outdoor lighting
The circuit control dynamic flashing
Flexible and water-resistant can be bent into any shapes and cut into any length.
Energy saving and environmental-friendly.
Long lifetime, more than 12,000 hours.


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