Item No.: Z0127

Base: E14,E27
Type: Flame / Candle
Power: 3W
Voltage: 220V
Light source: LED
Color temperature: 2500K
Lumen: 150LM
Radiation angle: 360°



High-Quality Flicker Effect Flame Candle. Ideal for bringing a warm and real atmosphere to mains light fittings. When in the right type of light fitting these candles will look orange and real as you were gazing at a candle flickering.
These bulbs are decorative purposes only and as they only emit 3-watt another lighting may be required.
A very unique idea for creating that mood effect for your premises looks great on the walls, tables. Perfect idea for a candlelight dinner.
Flame Effect Flicker Candle Light Bulb
Stunning Effect As Real Burning Candle Orange Glow
Ideal For Use In Chandeliers, Mains Light Fittings, Exposed wall lights


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